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Hello 2015! Happy New Year to everyone :) New Year's Eve in the US is /weird/ - no fireworks! No people on the street! No noisy banging and drunken yelling all day long! I went to a pub with some friends and they had free party hats and a screening of the ball dropping on Times Square and people sang Auld Lang Syne, so that was nice, but still it doesn't really feel like New Year's Eve normally does.

Jan 1 also means that it's reveal time on Yuletide. Here's what I wrote this year:

First Steps (11207 words) by Bagheera
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Culture - Iain M. Banks
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: GOU Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints, Lededje Y'breq, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Original Non-Human Character(s)
Additional Tags: Minds (Culture), Drones (Culture), Crimes & Criminals, Childhood, Artificial Intelligence, Surface Detail, Cameos, Meet the Family, Special Circumstances

"Did I design you a warship or a party clown, child?"

Writing this fic was HARD (so many failed attempts!) but ultimately it all came together, and now that people have commented on it I feel very happy about it. If there was an active Culture fandom on LJ/DW, that could be my new fannish home. I love this series, and do highly reccommend it if you're a) into sci-fi and b) into socialist anarchist utopia and c) don't mind it getting pretty dark and violent at times. Banks had A++ politics, although I recommend starting with one of the later books and not "Consider Phlebas" (I reccommend "Look to Windward", "Excession" or "Surface Detail" [though this one has many triggery things, so beware] as starting points - each book has a different set of characters, so spoilers are rarely an issue). Check it out, people who like space opera like Star Trek or the Vorkosigan Saga!


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