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Birthdate:Feb 12
I'm twenty-five, female and from Germany. I'm currently studying English Lit and German Lit in Heidelberg.

Aside from fandom and writing, my main hobby is roleplaying (the D&D kind).

Friending: Feel free to friend me any time! I rarely f-lock anything. It might take me a while to friend you back. If I don't friend you back, it's probably because: a) you never commented on my LJ or we don't have common interests, so I'm not sure why you friended me, b) you post a lot about things I'm not that interested in or c) I suspect you're a sockpuppet - the easy way to change that is to say "Hi! I friended you!"

Blanket Permission to Podfic: Hello podficcers! If you want to podfic any of my stories, feel free to do so! You don't need to ask for permission :) My personal stance on podfic is no different than fanfic, and if a writer is okay with writing fanfic, then they should be okay with other people podficcing said fanfic. However, I really appreciate links to the finished product, because it pleases and flatters me to see that people have taken the time and effort to give my stories a new life as podfic. I will also rec them on my journal.
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