Jan. 27th, 2013

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Hello! I'm not dead, in fact I still read my flist every day, I just don't produce anything worth posting. Still studying hard, and living life, and doing therapy and all that, and in the evenings, when I'm not doing social things, I feel the need for mindless entertainment, so a couple of weeks ago I thought, hey, why not check out that show everyone used to love way back in SV fandom...

Back then, I avoided Supernatural for three reasons: 1) I thought it might be too gory-scary, 2) the two main characters seemed like boring young white dudes whose main appeal to the fans was attractiveness and 3) I thought I might actually like it, maybe, and get sucked into a new fandom when I didn't want to be. Then Supernatural got more seasons, and eventually the angel storyline came around, and I sort of registered it through fannish osmosis. I like angels and demons when they're done well, such as in Dogma or Good Omens or The Prophecy or even Constantine (angels and demons were the only good thing about this movie), and I like pairings that are basically human/god-like entity (it's a mystery why I don't like Doctor/Companion, now that I think about it). But I still didn't check out Supernatural.

But a few weeks ago my resistance suddenly vanished and I decided to watch it. I watched the first episode, and while it was surprisingly okay, I wasn't really up for monster of the week episodes, so I skipped ahead to S4. S4 of Supernatural is awesome. I watched all of it, and then S5, and S5 has the most perfect ending. There are four more seasons, but I cannot bring myself to watch them, because I know they're not as good. I also haven't watched Seasons 1, 2 and 3 because I suspect they're also not as great. This has never happened to me. I watched every single episode of House even though it wasn't that great, and I stuck to SV way longer than I should have. I am watching every single episode of ST:Voyager with my roleplaying buddies (we're in S5 now) and by god, that show is so bad. (I loved it as a teenager, but now... no. Just no.)

As TV goes, S4 and 5 of Supernatural are rare in that they feel as though they have been tightly plotted in advance (with the exception of a tiny handful of fillers) and the showrunner did not cave to the tempation to draw things out just to make more seasons possible. You rarely get that except when the show is based on a book. And while Supernatural fandom is weirdly obsessed with how "painful" or whatever their show is, I find it just the right level of dark but not hopeless. Terrible things happen to the characters, but they have something that is clearly worth fighting for, and in the end, they (mostly) win. It's like Buffy S5.

In addition, Supernatural has is surprisingly funny at times, and it has great meta episodes and cool recurring characters, plus great music. The two main actors are not as talentless as I assumed (sorry, all I had to go on was the fans, and you guys mostly obsessed about their prettyness) - they're way better than most of SV's cast, but just as pretty. Plus, Dean Winchester is a pretty awesome character, and the fact that the two main characters are brothers is an interesting change from "two investigators"-pairs like Holmes and Watson, Mulder and Scully etc. where the dynamic is very different, and painful, co-dependent family dynamics play no role.

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